Oregon Forests – A Green Guarantee
Long Term Sustainability of Log Supply for Herbert Lumber

Herbert Lumber Company operates its facility on a “purchase log basis”. Our raw material base is the forests of western Oregon. The ownership of these forests is primarily public (sixty percent) and the remainder private.

The land supplying logs to our Riddle operation is managed on a sustained yield basis. This land base is growing more wood fiber than is being harvested. The nonfederal land growth exceeds harvest by over eleven percent. On federal lands growth exceeds harvest by over five hundred and fifty percent. Combined growth on all lands exceeds harvest by over one one hundred and eighty percent. Sustainable harvest is a reality in Oregon.

All forestland operations in Oregon are governed by a very strict set of both federal and state guidelines. Oregon’s Forest Practices Act is the first of its kind in the country. These guidelines are science based and include protection for wildlife, water quality, public safety, and scenic values. A fundamental part of the Oregon Forest practices act is a requirement for successful reforestation of native species.

Oregon will never grow out of trees nor will it ever lose the many values that they provide.